Peruffo Receıves Two Prestıgıous Awards at the couture show 2023 ın las vegas

Peruffo receives four nominations and two wins for “Best Debut Brand” and “People’s Choice” at the Couture show, the world’s most exceptional curation of designer fine jewelry. Peruffo was also a finalist for the Innovative Category and Editor’s Choice.

The special one-of-a-kind 18K Gold and blue agate stud collar necklace, by creative director Marta Martino, was designed for over a month specifically for Couture. Her obsessive repetition of the pyramid, an archetype and perfect geometric shape rising from the smooth base and demarcated set of lines, offers a succession of peaks that generate a sleek, textural and intriguingly unique jewel. 

“We are incredibly happy to make our debut at Couture and have this type of recognition from the industry,” said Enrico Peruffo, founder and CEO on the winning night. “We know we are doing something different and pushing the boundary with more disruptive jewelry. It is just amazing to see such overwhelming support for our work.”  

Newly introduced into the American market in 2019, represented by the SoBe Luxury team, Peruffo is composed of artistic, modern collections made in Italy based on extensive research and experience in art and design over 40 years. Often gender neutral and fluid in both design and vision, they connect to trends with an unconventional attitude defining their individual trajectory for success. “I am very proud of our team who is composed of the creative minds of many different industries,” continued Enrico Peruffo. “We take a risk in our designs; it is truly appreciated to be recognized with these prestigious awards from the Couture organization, our retailers, editors and our peers.” 

Each Peruffo collection integrates a mix of techniques, including hand-casting and modern 3D printing as well as the repetition of similar moving elements. With a unique and recognizable character, use of innovative materials, techniques and graphic styling, Peruffo introduces architectural elements like unexpected scale, movements, open space and unusual structure not seen in the market.