Art Deco touches ın the new Boucheron Hıstoıre de Style collectıon

The Boucheron Jewelry and Watch House has presented a new collection of high jewelry Histoire de style, Art Déco. This style of the first half of the 20th century has been frequently used in recent years – probably, many people have a desire to rethink the 1920s today.

But if young brands took inspiration from outside, then creative director of Boucheron Claire Choisne – directly from the archives of the jewelry house, the oldest jewelry company in Place Vendôme. Boucheron appeared there in 1893, catching the first Parisian women to experiment with masculine clothing and short hair. Claire Chuan appealed to their style, deciding to create a collection where it is difficult to draw a line between “masculine” and “feminine”.

A diamond necklace-tie with a detachable emerald “cufflink”, a white gold ribbon with diamonds that can turn into a belt, a bezel, a choker, and a brooch- it’s up to you to wear these and other pieces of jewelry in the collection.