Pomellato, which is the synonym of creativity and colour, was founded in Milan by Pino Rabolini in 1967. The sophisticated colourful stone combinations of Pomellato created through original stone cutting and visionary designs express an avantgarde and original approach. Flawlessly prepared Pomellato pieces have provided the brand with its distinguishable, modern and unusual beauty according to Maison’s signature style.

Pomellato is with us with a collection turning its face to nature, under the light of its 50th birthday: Armonie Minerali. This jewellery series that reaches out to the depths of the souls of valuable minerals, the Armonie Minerali collection, combines the fragile forms of nature with dynamic contrasts and blends musical and design codes to create its own perception of beauty.

Armonie Minerali collection of thirty eight pieces is divided to three different themes; “Black and White Obsession” which is a call for delicate minimalism, “Praise for Colours” which is an adaptation of antique colours to present day and finally, “The Hypnosis Effect” which is the substantial pulse of nature.