Antıque Men’s Brooches to Elevate Any Outfıt

A diamond brooch or pin is a sophisticated and subtle way to add an extra touch of glamour to any ensemble, which would explain why diamond vintage and antique men’s brooches and pins are experiencing a resurgence with celebrities, fashion mavens, collectors and everyday jewelry lovers in a major way.

In previous years, it was common for antique brooches to be brought to jewelers in hopes of having the stones and metals from the brooch converted into different types of jewelry. As the antique diamond brooch—and the brooch in general—has, in recent years, increased in popularity, the classic accessory has attracted a new generation of fans that embrace the unique elegance that only vintage and antique jewelry can bring. Whether the diamond brooch resurgence has occurred because we are rethinking outdated assumptions about jewelry and gender, or because men are simply tired of women having all the jewelry fun, everyone from Ansel Elgort to Billy Porter, Rami Malek to Nick Jonas, has been seen sporting gorgeous diamond brooches on the red carpet. 

Exquisite jewelry can capture a sense of time, and that’s especially true with diamond antique men’s brooches and pins. A vintage or antique brooch can pay tribute to everything from innovative Art Deco design to the opulence of the Edwardian era, all in a single piece of jewelry. Perhaps the best part of the comeback is that the diamond brooch resurgence is just getting started.