Istanbul Jewelry Show unıtes the jewelry ındustry for 51st tıme!

Istanbul Jewelry Show, the most important exhibition of jewelry industry in the region, main sponsored by IGI, opens doors at Istanbul Fair Center for the 51st time between 24-27 March 20221

Istanbul Jewelry Show offers a secure platform where industry leaders may experience and supply the latest products, services and technological solutions while setting trends, and new business deals may be concluded by and between exhibitors and buyers.

One of the most significant events for jewelry industry on global calendar, Istanbul Jewelry Show convenes the outstanding companies and brands with industry experts on a safe platform while offering opportunities for new cooperation and a unique way to exchange information. 

The main sponsored by IGI, the global authority for grading Diamond, Gemstone and Jewelry, the exhibition will be featuring over 1,250 local and international jewelry companies & brands representing a wide range of product groups and sectors including gold, jewelry, diamonds, colored stones, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, silver, silver accessories and silver household items, mounting, refinery, watches, molds, shop window decorations, machinery and equipment side industry, safes, software, and logistics and lighting product groups. The exhibitors will be showcasing their special products and collections to over 30,000 professionals of the sector around the world.

Catering the needs of industry since 1986, Istanbul Jewelry Show fairs are organized by Informa Markets, the world’s biggest and leading fair organizer. Informa Markets has a long-standing background and expertise in industry with 17 jewelry fairs organized in 8 countries. Encouraged also with the power of its portfolio, Istanbul Jewelry Show stands as an exhibition closely followed by all industry experts.

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