Amazıng plays on the stage of Jewellery Theatre

Jewellery Theatre is a company founded in Moscow in 1998. From the very beginning, it aimed for the luxury goods market and backed its claim to fame with a series of high-profile exhibition and award-winning designs.

The most striking thing about their jewelry is the fact that it is, well, striking. A lot of the times, high-end jewelers go for the ‘understated elegance’ angle when creating their pieces, impressing with excellent craftsmanship and precious materials. Jewellery Theatre does all of that as well, of course, but also adds an element of showmanship – which is unsurprising, really, considering its name. Constantly favoring fantasy and exuberance over the simpler, more unsophisticated designs, the Moscow-based company has released over the years some really eye-catching collections.

Consistent with this dramatic theme, we might say that the master craftsmen who have put these pieces together are the playwrights and the directors, the beautiful gemstones they have assembled are the actors, while the wearers and everyone else who gets to admire these creations are the audience.

Jewellery Theatre currently operates five exclusive boutiques where you can appreciate 24 uniquely designed jewelry collections. Each collection has its own story, with each piece of jewelry an actor performing a particular role on the stage.

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