On the Fıngertıps: How to wear naıl jewelry?!

On the Fıngertıps: How to wear naıl jewelry?!

A very unusual piece of jewelry that hasn’t yet become too popular.

The most popular option is a metal plate that continues with the nail. The length can be different, it all depends on personal preference. The secret of such jewelry is very simple – they are made to order so that they fit perfectly on the finger and exactly repeat your nail plate. So the cheap option will most likely not suit you and will become a waste of money.

Decorations that neatly outline the contour and shape of your nail look very delicate. They can be made of fine wire or small pearls.

This trend was recently shown to us at the Paris Fashion Week Schiaparelli. Their bosses were gold with long nails, but there are many different options that vary in length, shape, and material. Again, such jewelry should be made to order for your fingers, otherwise, it will be simply impossible to wear them.

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