ALROSA Recruıted over 3,000 Resıdents of Yakutıa ın 2021

As part of its work on Yakutia’s project ‘Local Workers for Industry’, ALROSA recruited over 3,000 residents of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in 2021. A total of 7.9 mln rubles was spent on the project last year, of which 6.8 mln rubles was provided by ALROSA.

3,018 residents of Yakutia have been recruited, which is almost twice the number for 2020. This included 745 people working on a rotational basis and in seasonal jobs, 316 people from rural communities, and 813 young specialists up to the age of 35.

“Providing decent working conditions and ensuring stable economic growth in the regions of ALROSA’s operations is one of our priorities. We are therefore continuing to work together with Yakutia to recruit unemployed citizens. Since the project began in 2018, we have recruited around 7,000 residents of Yakutia,” said ALROSA’s CEO Sergey Ivanov.

The project includes organizing a vocational training program, further education for citizens and internships for young specialists. Work practice in the company’s subdivisions was received by 150 people who, in 2021, were given professional training and additional vocational education at ALROSA’s Corporate University, while 13 young specialists completed internships.