The discrete experiments on silver, the color transitions, are so different than the jewelry forms that we are accustomed to. These magnificent beauties are presented to us by Sinop-based Yediveren Jewelry. Yediveren who values making matter meet spiritual; opens doors to the living tales, transcending jewelry design, and each piece bears a wild side of Sinop. In an exclusive interview with Özgül Köksal, the founder and designer of Yediveren Jewellery, we looked closer to the brand and glanced at its short history.
The jewelry brand which takes its name from the Yediveren (Semperflorens/Everblooming) flower was born in Sinop in 2005. Özgül Köksal, graduated from Uludağ University Fashion Design department; made people, the elements which beautify their journey in life, history, and Sinop meet her own perspective in the 14 different collections of hers up to this day.

Being born in Sinop, it is lovely that you put the city in the center of your designs. Do your jewelry pieces bear a mission such as advertising the beauties of Sinop?
Beyond advertising, my designs include many experiences and memories from my dreams, childhood, and youth. The memories, emotions that I collect in this city turn into collections regarding the city, such as Sinop Mavisi (Sinop Blue). I don’t just want to tell about an object, but to compose poems in my designs. These emotions of mine and the bonds that we make with memories turn into designs with Yediveren, we can say. My emotions about the city give life to my jewelry and this turns automatically into an advertisement when this feeling is reflected upon visitors or locals. In short, I am honored to contribute in Sinop’s advertisement with my designs.

After Sinop, are you planning to open other branches in other cities in Turkey or abroad? What kind of a concept are you imagining for this other branch?
I am content to tell my art and design lover visitors who come to Yediveren’s only branch in Sinop Pervane Medresesi (Sinop Pervane Madrasah) about my collections and stories. In this sense, having only one branch is much more precious because it gives me the possibility to bring them together in one location. On the other hand, my products meet their new owners through the website So I can say that Yediveren is already everywhere.

When I first saw your products, rather than silver I saw some color transitions which I don’t really see with the other brands. Are you considering to design different jewelry with this technology in the future?
As a matter of fact, every living being embodies newness in itself… Even the trees welcome spring with brand new flowers. The techniques I use are fruits of my efforts of making silver meet newnesses. Not just the technique but also creating a difference in my designs is among the most important elements of the journey of the brand Yediveren.
Are you working on a new collection right now and what are your inspirations if it is not a secret?
Sometimes I liken my mind to “Alice in Wonderland”. I might encounter something new anytime. There is a collection ready in my mind all the time, sometimes in a long and sometimes in a short time. On the other hand, I intend to slow things down considering the very fast consumerism of our times. For this reason, when the time comes new collections will arrive to freshen up rather than consume.
Do you consider your designs for a particular generation? Are you planning to create modern and unisex pieces for generation Z in the future?
It would be more appropriate to say untimely and timeless for them. As there is no specific time to wear jewelry, the themes I use do not have any particular time. Therefore, I care to design products intended to be valuable not just for one generation but for all generations. Inspired by history sometimes, I blend the Yediveren vision with the sense of aesthetics handed down from generation to generation and sometimes I bring together the infinity of space with silver. Most of these meets might be identified as modern. It is a fact that my products aren’t unisex. I guess I believe that jewelry should have an identity too. My designs reflect the beauty, splendor, delicacy, and soul of the woman.

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