“World Dolls Exhıbıtıon” – Rahmı M. Koc Museum

Rahmi M. Koc Museum is hosting the ‘World Dolls Exhibition’ from September 28. The exhibition, which sheds light on the journey of dolls, the most important milestone of the toy industry, from the Antiquity to the present, is very special, from wooden dolls of the 18th century to rag dolls of Anatolia, from Asian and African faith dolls to fashion dolls, and even to festival dolls in a silk dress from the Far East presents a selection to visitors. The exhibition, whose main sponsor is Zen Diamond, includes 18th-century Neapolitan dolls, 19th-century Asian dolls and puppets, and precious porcelain dolls, automaton dolls, Santon dolls, and puppets dating to the early 20th century.