Wıth the WINTER 2023 edıtıon, Palakıss enters ıts 24th year of actıvıty

An important milestone, but also for all the companies that have found at the Palakiss a functional environment for their needs right from the start. Palakiss has made itself available to small and mediumsized gold and silver companies, working alongside them on a daily basis, offering increasingly suitable tools, allowing them to grow in step with the ever-changing times and thus making them express their full potential, thanks also to the possibility of ready-to-sell sales, and more.
Dedication, consistency and seriousness have been the pillars of Palakiss’s mission which since 1999, year after year, edition after edition, has increasingly integrated itself into the Vicenza goldsmith-exhibition
fabric, uniting in perfect harmony with the multiple international activities of the Vicenza Fair, increasing and completing IEG’s rich offer with its Delivery Hall. A single large exhibition center to meet the needs of the most diverse buyers who come to the city of Palladio from all over the world, increasingly aware that in the Vicenza square you can find a multitude of products thanks to the presence of the best Italian and foreign manufacturers, from more than 20 countries.
The jewelery business has evolved very rapidly in the last decade following the inevitable changeability of the times, and in this selective process of changes and definitive cancellations of important events, the city of Vicenza with its historic fair has been able to positively grasp the opportunities offered by the new scenarios by strengthening its leadership in the global jewelery scene. Palakiss is proud to be part of this community and will continue to work pragmatically together with IEG, with the hope of making Vicenza an unmissable appointment for every sector operator.