serkan ahlat


How do you evaluate this Covid-19 period that we are passing through?

We are living a very interesting period that no one of us could ever have foreseen. We are trying to get used to a period where everything has slowed down and we have to make many changes in our routine life. As a result, this pandemi is not only physically, but also psychologically a disease that can change the way people look at each other. I hope that it will disappear as quickly as it comes by damaging humanity with the least loss.

As Covid-19 spreads all around the world, production and international logistics stopped. How do you spend your time under these conditions?

Yes, you are absolutely right. Production and logistics completely stopped in our sector. It is not possible to do physical production during this period. Clearly, I am working on models production, future plans, products and developments for the post-epidemic period. In addition, I can spend a lot of time with my family at home, because of the intensive work tempo at past, I can close the time I spend for my family.

Have you made any attempt to reduce the impact of this situation caused by COVID-19?

Of course, we are trying to stay at home as much as we can, by covering full salary of our employees at and supporting to stay their home for rest, and trying to follow our government’s stay at home invitation. At the same time, we are trying to support pecuinary and spritual moral support for all those who fight this epidemic.                          

What is your concern about the jewellery sector after CV-19?
First of all, gold prices will be the main determining factor,Our  sector is not the main human requirement  it is an luxery requirement because of that  I expect a normalization between 3 and 6 months after the end of the epidemic.It should not be forgotten that our sector may became small if the outbreak is prolonged.

How can this challenge to be transformed into an opportunity?
To tell the truth there are very few opportunities to this crisis affect with our sector, I believe that internet sales network, mail delivery sales, private product production and very low labor investment-based gold production will be opportunities for future periods.

Country: Turkiye
Number of Employees: 6
Markets: Usa, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Canada, Germany, Holland, Austria, Uae, Saudi Arabia
% Export Volume: 9.285.000 USD