tekin seyrekoğlu


Diyarbakir, which has an ancient civilization history, has a strong history of jewellery. Tekin Seyrekoglu was born in Diyarbakir where jewellery craft has such a strong history. When he lost his father in a very early age, they migrated to Istanbul, a unique cradle of civilization like Diyarbakir where he spent his childhood years. After they migrated to Istanbul, he continued his education life and went into working life at the same time to make a living for his family. His interest in commercial life since his early age enabled him to work in various sectors. His passion for the job made him to be a foreman in a workshop where he entered as an apprentice. Thanks to his commercial genius, he found a shareholder in 1963, the time when he was only 15 years old, and managed to open his own workshop and started to produce his first products consisting of matting-pattern golden products in this humble workshop.

From the first day till now, his designs that he created without compromising the quality of production and by combining designs with international standards, provided him to take an important place in the sector along with the innovations he added to the understanding of design in Turkish jewellery industry. With his goal of creating modern and his unique aesthetic designs, he has created a strong bond between the past and the future. Tekin Seyrekoglu, combining the handicraft of the past with today’s technology, has created his own style in boutique golden products. But at the same time, he has followed the trends and changing consumer behaviours closely and continued to pursue the boutique designs and production according to this understanding. Tekin Seyrekoglu, who has absorbed the importance of providing recognition and brand identity in addition to quality production, has given the right value for advertisement and promotion in this sector. The most important thing which distinguishes Tekin Seyrekoglu Jewellery from other brands is transforming 14-, 18- and 21-carat gold and jewellery into Seyrekoglu standard with a master craftsmanship. The gold and diamond collection produced at Seyrekoglu has been presented to different cultures and age groups in various countries of the world.

Tekin Seyrekoglu has managed to reach approximately 650 sales points in Turkey and abroad with the designs he has created by processing gold as good as jewellery. He has always exhibited his products in the most exclusive stores in Turkey. Tekin Seyrekoglu Jewellery continues to make a difference in the sector with its mission and passion from the first day, extraordinary designs, high level of master craftsmanship and impressive collections… Tekin Seyrekoglu’s future goals are to expand in international markets along with world famous brands in Turkey and abroad. Tekin Seyrekoglu seems like he is going to make a name for himself by his innovations that he has brought to the sector since the day he stepped into the jewellery sector.

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