How do you evaluate this Covid-19 period that we are passing thorough?

We cannot change what has happened. Instead, it is more important to adjust ourselves to adapt to the new environment changed by COVID-19. Our company currently focuses on product development, getting into new industries, e-commerce etc., rather than working solely on the sales activities that we have been doing.

As Covid-19 spreads all around the world, production and international logistics stopped. How do you spend your time under these conditions?

I consider this as a good opportunity to make a change to our company.

All our company members spend plenty of time in meetings on sales strategies, researching new markets, developing new sales channels and new products in order to turn things around when COVID-19 is over.

Have you made any attempt to reduce the impact of this situation caused by COVID-19?

We try to communicate with our customers more frequently. We would like to understand the difficulties and needs which our clients encounter under this challenging time period, so that we can work hand in hand to overcome and change the industry together.

What is your concern about the jewelry sector after CV-19?

After COVID-19 is cover, I believe the entire economy will lose power as the consumption will decrease massively, especially luxury items such as jewelry. Many companies will not be able to operate in the same way as they did before. For this reason, I hope that all companies can survive this difficult situation with innovation and change.

Country: Japan (Head office) Hong Kong (Sales office)
Number of Employees: 90 people
Markets: Japan, India, China, USA, Thailand, Mid East
% Export Volume:35%
e-commerce: Web