Wıth Love Darlıng jewellery for World Earth Day

With World Earth Day (22nd April) round the corner we wanted to introduce you to sustainable jewellery brand – With Love Darling. With Love Darling is a jewellery brand dedicated to impact through storytelling and sustainable production. Their collection is built around the United Nations Global Goals, aiming to inspire and engage our customer to buy, live and think more sustainably. The jewellery is produced in third world countries, giving the artisans income to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.We believe in changing the world – one piece of jewellery at the time. High res images and samples available on request!

Let’s fight climate change by supporting this educational and innovative goal! This charm of our home, the earth, is a symbol for you to remember what is important and what we’re fighting to protect.

This goal fights for peaceful and inclusive societies, as well as accessible justice for all. The dove is a common, ancient symbol for peace, stemming from the story of Noah’s Ark. A dove carrying an olive branch brought forth the word that peace was coming, and the storms would subside. Wear this pendant to keep peaceful energy around you, always.

Water is vital to provide cleanliness and sanitation for everyone. This goal is striving to give affordable cleaning equipment and education on proper hygiene. The charm, a beautiful, sparkling blue drop, represents the clean water we need to work for. 

This goal is striving to ensure that every individual is receiving a quality education that opens up their minds, and ensuring a successful future. The symbol for that, an owl, a totem for wisdom, is the charm for this specific goal.

This goal fights for a different kind of equality. Prosperity needs to be distributed among the population in a fair process, regardless of gender, race, economic status or religious beliefs. Once we can find a way to work together and find equal footing, change is just around the corner. This charm is an eclipsing moon, showing that dark times are temporary, and change is on its way.  

With Love Darling jewellery is available in either 18ct gold vermeil (18ct yellow gold micron plating on sterling silver) or sterling silver. All sterling silver is 925 nickel-free and rhodium plated.