Chanel’s new Coco Crush Toı et Moı rıngs wıll become the maın symbol of all lovers

French fashion house Chanel has released a line of Toi et Moi rings as part of the Coco Crush collection. Only instead of using two stones, symbolizing the love of two different people, the designers of the brand decided to think innovatively and used two gold rims in the shape of the letter “C”, which represent the intersection of two destinies.

The rings are available in narrow and wide versions. The miniature one differs in that each bezel is encrusted with one diamond. The larger ring is adorned with eight clear, colorless diamonds.

Both are available in Chanel’s signature beige and white gold. As the new line is inseparable from the Coco Crush style, each piece is complemented by the iconic quilted motif – the precious metal looks like it was stitched. The coveted Chanel novelties will go on sale on April 1st.

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