New products, the première of the new Trendbook 2024+, the industry’s commitment to sustainability and training, the state of the art of the market. Gold and jewellery will return to their European show from 9th to 13th September: Vicenzaoro September – The Jewellery Boutique Show (VOS), at Vicenza Expo Centre together with the third edition of VO Vintage (9th-11th September).
The number of exhibitors at Italian Exhibition Group’s international show will be close to pre-Covid levels with India and the Far East, Hong Kong, China and Thailand, also returning to the event and better represented than in March, albeit limited by ongoing restrictions. Business matching will therefore resume on these markets for buyers arriving from all over the world, involved in the incoming programme organised with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and ITA, the Italian Trade Agency.

Eager anticipation for the presentation at VOS of the new Trendbook 2024+ on consumer trends and forecasts compiled by Trendvision, IEG’s independent observatory directed by Paola De Luca , which explores consumer evolution in the luxury world. A veritable bible for the international jewellery market, the forecast looks at emerging phenomena over a period of 18 months following its publication. It is conceived around the key words that characterise social and consumer changes, which therefore also enter into the language and objectives of the gold and jewellery industry and the luxury sector in general. Sustainability, circular economy, age and gender fluidity have guided Trendvision’s forecasts for 2023 with the aim of steering the jewellery market towards virtuous and responsible growth with constant attention on customer behaviour.
VOS offers the industry a chance to analyse production and market data. Club degli Orafi and Intesa San Paolo’s Study and Research Department will present “The Italian goldsmith sector. A complex and uncertain scenario”, a meeting on the evolution of national gold and jewellery supply chains, international demand for precious metals, the effects of international crises and US monetary policies on access to raw materials and their prices.
In the first quarter of 2022, compared to the favourable progression of Italian exports in 2021 on the US, Chinese, Swiss and Emirates markets, the Italian gold and jewellery sector furthered its growth on international markets with variations of over 30% in both value and quantity, so much so that the 2019 figures were exceeded by 9%. On the other hand, it now has to contend with the stall in global demand for precious metals recorded in the first three months of this year, which fell to -6.9% (source: Centro Studi Intesa Sanpaolo).

CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, will confirm its presence at VOS with two days of seminars traditionally devoted to CSR issues according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) model. The programme will particularly include a focus on the need for new marketing models that are more aware of gender equality. The starting point isan analysis of the message and the dynamics of buying diamonds, which have always spoken an exclusively male language since they are generally purchased by men as a gift. A paradigm that now needs to be reviewed in the light of the freedom of choice of the female audience.
VOS will also be an international reference point for design: in collaboration with the Antwerp laboratory HRD, Vicenza will be hosting a Jewellery Design competition and dedicated seminars, thus confirming IEG’s attention to the talents and training of young jewellery designers.

Vicenzaoro September will see the participation of all the sector’s voices, institutions and category associations. Confindustria Federorafi, Confartigianato Orafi, Confcommercio Federpreziosi, CNA Orafi, Confimi Industria Categoria Orafa ed Argentiera to Assogemme, Assocoral, AFEMO – Italian Association of Jewellery Machinery Manufacturers and Exporters and CIBJO will be contributing to the event’s definitive agenda and talk programme over the five days of Italian Exhibition Group’s international gold and jewellery and show.