Versace’s Sprıng 2024 Watches Have a Tımeless Appeal

Versace watches shine in a new spring-summer 2024 campaign, featuring model Camille Chifflot. The campaign showcases two striking timepieces: the La Greca and Dominus Lady. Captured by Tim El Kaïm, who previously shot the brand’s recent eyewear ads, the campaign exudes sophistication with its checkered backdrop, inspired by the season’s runway show.

The watches are the stars of the show, perfectly complemented by geometric earrings, statement rings, and fitted necklaces, adding a touch of elegance. Tweed jackets and checkered tops complete the ensembles, embodying Versace’s signature blend of luxury and boldness.

Versace’s spring-summer 2024 campaign marries high fashion with a touch of playful sophistication. The accessories and styling pay homage to the famous Italian brand’s iconic motifs, while the photography highlights the collection’s modern designs.