TIFFANY BLUE,SCHIAPARELLI PINK, BOTTEGA GREEN – Prımary Color Motıfs Of Luxury Brands Adaptıng To Today’s Trends

For some brands, certain shades of the color chart that is as recognizable as logos and brand identity, open the doors to details that embellish beauty. This not only makes the brand more recognizable and popular but also strengthens communication with customers.
“Tiffany & Co.’s iconic light blue shade was discovered in 1837 by Charles Tiffany and John Young. The characteristic light blue, which adorned the cover of the Tiffany Blue Book catalog in 1845, still bears witness to the miraculous meeting of luxury and glamour, leaving behind 177 years of time travel. Along the way, the Jewelry House also began to use the iconic blue for packaging boxes, bags, and gift-wrap ribbons. But it was only in the late 90s that this color was patented. “Tiffany & Co.” legally patent the luxurious shade of blue. The color is now a trademark, as is the name of the brand…

The familiar bright orange hue of the “Hermès” packaging has not always been a distinctive symbol of the fashion house. Until the 1940s, items in “Hermès” boutiques were packed in cream-colored boxes and brown sided bags. The orange version of the packaging only appeared after the Second World War due to a shortage of paint. The concept, which the fashion house had been producing for years, changed due to difficult circumstances. So, the brand’s managers gave bright orange a chance, and in time, the color became as famous as “Blue Tiffany”. Today, “Hermès” uses orange not only in packaging materials, but also in shop windows, accessories, and jewelry, as well as in the design of shows as a glamorous detail.

The fashion of the 1900s was full of unspoken rules, and these especially applied to the use of colors. At a time when black, grey, and brown were dominant, it was not considered acceptable for society ladies to wear anything bright. But the chain of these depressing stereotypes was broken in 1937 by the surrealist fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Defending the statement of “Every woman looks good in bright dresses,” the couturier laid the foundation of the new colorful era with the new collection, which was far from boring, with dresses in flashy pinkish tones, which she called “shocking pink” in the new collection, which bears traces of strong design and timelessness. This choice was really shocking for the fashion of that time. Designers did not yet have modern freedom, most women lived by strict rules. But true geniuses know no boundaries! Schiaparelli soon managed to increase the production of clothes in this “scandalous” shade and, despite the numerous criticisms, turned the color into a trend. Following the popularity of this radical decision, “Shocking” perfume appeared on the market. In a fuchsia-colored box, of course…

“Everyone should have a Bottega green in their wardrobe.” The most popular green boots, saggy bags, and slippers of the last few years have been carried from street to party by everyone from fashion influencers to world stars. Daniel Lee, former creative director of Bottega Veneta, explored the characteristic shade of fresh green in the brand’s archive advertising campaigns, making this palette a favorite of every season, with pieces that frame serious silhouettes. The fashion world loved this invention so much that everything from the brand’s boxes and packages to the clothes, shoes, and accessories were painted Bottega green for several seasons. This tradition continues even after Daniel Lee has left the title of creative director.

“Red is the most beautiful color. It suits every woman. You just need to remember that there are more than 30 shades of red. The best way to eliminate life, death, passion, and longing is hidden in red. It is impossible to take your eyes off a woman who wears the color of passion and love.” This is how Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani, who celebrated his 90th birthday this year, defines his claim in the fashion world by turning the color red into Valentino Red. The “last emperor” of fashion tightly integrated red into the visual language of the brand and R.E.D. Valentino (Romantic Eccentric Dress) celebrated success in the market. During his career, Maison defined red as the main color in all its collections, interior designs, accessories, fashion show concepts, and cosmetics. Even in 2008, when he bade farewell to the industry, he revealed this color for the last time in a show that expressed both his character and his brand. Pierpaolo Piccioli, the current creative director of the brand, has changed the DNA of the fashion
house with a new color trend. In Valentino 2022-23 autumn/winter show, Valentino pink, not the red we are used to, emphasized the change in many details – from set design to the make-up of the models – in every piece of the collection and embraced the popularity of the monochrome trend without limits. The hot pink shade, which the designer chose as his favorite color, was developed in collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute.

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