Pink diamond

The Purple pınk dıamond wıll sell ın Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s will sell the largest vivid-purple-pink diamond ever to appear at auction, with expectations it could achieve up to $38 million at a November sale.

The oval modified brilliant-cut, 14.83-carat, fancy-vivid-purple-pink, internally flawless, type IIa stone is set to go under the hammer at the Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction in Geneva on November 11, Sotheby’s said Monday. The company has given the piece a presale estimate of $23 million to $38 million.

Alrosa cut and polished the diamond from a 27.85-carat rough it unearthed at its Ebelyakh deposit in Yakutia in July 2017. The miner named the polished The Spirit of the Rose after the famous Russian ballet premiered by the Ballets Russes company in 1911, and called the rough Nijinsky, in honor of Vasalv Nijinsky, one of the ballet’s principal dancers.

The Spirit of the Rose is one of the three-stone Spectacle collection Alrosa has dedicated to Russian ballet. The set also includes the Firebird, an Asscher-cut, 20.69-carat, fancy-vivid-yellow, VS1-clarity diamond, which Alrosa sold to Graff for an undisclosed amount in December. The miner is still manufacturing the third stone. Alrosa had originally expected to sell The Spirit of the Rose in November 2019, it said last year.

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