the precıous solıtare rıngs of celebrıtıes

White wedding dress and solitaire ring are woman’s dream. The most important of the unchanging rules that have become taboo on the path of a happy family is the engagement ring. Some women are very curious about the precious stone of the destiny symbol that they will carry on their finger for a lifetime. Especially among celebrities, stories about very expensive solitaire rings are always on the agenda. We examined some of the engagement rings for the price of a luxury car, villa or even a mansion. Let’s explore together the real solitaire rings story of 5 famous women by the World.

1. Mariah Carey – $ 10 million

The Separations are difficult. Sometimes it requires you to take a spontaneous holiday. Dyeing the hair blonde or moving to a new home. But don’t take the pain out of the breakup by selling your 35 carat diamond engagement ring for $ 2 million, like Grammy singer Mariah Carey.

The ring designed by Wilfredo Rosado and valued at about $ 10 million was part of the deal agreed by both sides after Carey and Australian businessman James Packer left in 2017. For a year after leaving she appeared with this ring at every event. But Carey, unable to digest a divorce with James, sold her engagement ring to an anonymous jeweler in Los Angeles in May 2018 for $ 2.1 million. Everyone differently interpreted this incident, which was on the agenda in media.

2. Elizabeth Taylor – $ 8.8 million

In addition to her talent and beauty, we remember Oscar-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor with her incredible jewelry collection. The actress, who married eight times, twice sat by the wedding table with the same man-Richard Burton, the love of life. The most valuable items of jewelry collection generally composed of Richard’s gifts. Burton was the man who contributed most to Taylor’s precious collection over years.

Five years after first marriage Richard gifted Elizabeth one of the world’s most famous diamonds. The 33.19 carat rare stone worth $ 8.8 million is known as the Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond. The fact that she always poses with this ring for some photographs the passion for rare diamonds.

After the death of Elizabeth Taylor, the solitaire ring was purchased in auction by an Asian collector.

3. Beyonce – $ 5 million

Next up are the inseparable couple of music world- Beyonce and Jay-Z. Celebrities that have been together for 20 years, sat at the wedding table in 2008. Jay-Z choosed a famous jewellery designer Lorraine Schwartz to honor her lover with a special solitaire. Until that Lorraine had design jewelry for many celebrities like a Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie.

So it wasn’t difficult to create a true story of the engagement ring. The designer for showing Beyoncé’s strong character inspired by the old Hollywood divas.

The much larger than an ordinary engagement rings center stone added platinum inserts for secure it. The ring designed entirely in platinum to honor Beyoncé’s six platinum albüm.

The Queen B’s solitaire ring is 18 carats and costs for 5 million dollars.

4. Jennifer Lopez – $ 1-5 million

The woman of desires Jennifer Lopez is actually a complete collector of engagement rings. 51 years old singer received proposals from different people 5 times. Cris Judd, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony and now the hero of her life – Alex Rodriguez completes the ranking.

Alex and Jennifer that engaged last year proved their love with an expensive ring. J.Lo found herself at the door of a new marriage with15 carat emerald cut diamond solitaire ring. Even now, the cost of the specially designed ring on Jenny’s finger is around 1 to 5 million dollars. We hope this time the Pop queen will set sail for a happy marriage with Alex without taking solitaire ring off finger.