The Mark of a Champıon: A Tıffany Trophy

As part of the NBA’s season-long celebration of its 75th season, the league has unveiled a lineup of reimagined and redesigned postseason trophies that includes the most coveted prize of them all: the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The six trophies have been designed by the league’s longtime partner Tiffany & Co. and artist Victor Solomon.

Tiffany & Co. first crafted the Larry O’Brien Trophy in 1977. It began crafting the conference championship trophies in 2001 and the NBA Finals MVP in 2005. Solomon has worked with the NBA since last year, when he designed the 2021 G-League Winter Showcase Cup MVP trophy. Since then, he has been the league’s lead man designing the following trophies.

The redesigned Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy is awarded to the winning team of the NBA Finals. It weighs approximately 29 pounds and is crafted in sterling silver, 24k gold vermeil and wood, and the entire trophy takes approximately seven months to complete.

The iconic Vince Lombardi Trophy®, presented annually to the NFL® Super Bowl® championship team, has been created by Tiffany since the first Super Bowl® in 1967. Oscar Riedener, a former Tiffany & Co. Vice President, sketched the basic design on a napkin during a 1966 meeting with then NFL® Commissioner Pete Rozelle and the rest was history.

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