The latest model ın the H. Moser & Cıe. Streamlıner collectıon

Moser’s Streamliner Tourbillon Vantablack Gold combines what started as a lark—a pure black dial with stealth black hands that made it hard to read the time—with a sleek modern case and bracelet and sporty luminated hands. It then adds a traditional complication and packages the whole thing in 18-karat red gold. The result is something modern, classic, sporty and minimalist all at once. There is a purity of design in this unique combination of elements that is somehow pure 2020s, and very much signature Moser.

The Vantablack dial, which Moser first introduced as a concept in 2019 with the Venturer Concept Vantablack, is a carbon material, which gets its name from the acronym VANTA (Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Arrays). It is known as the blackest black ever produced by artificial means because it absorbs 99.9 percent of light. The concept played into Moser’s custom of producing clean dials with no indexes, no Swiss-made moniker and no logo.

The gold indexes on this Vantablack dial, however, prove striking and come fixed from the back, so depending on the angle, they appear or disappear against the Vantablack, a charming idiosyncrasy that seems pure Moser. They are only outdone by the conventional (though beautifully skeletonized) tourbillon movement packaged in 18-karat gold. The hour and minute hands have Globolight inserts—a ceramic-based material that contains Super-LumiNova—which adds a sporty look. Moser pioneered its use on watch dials.