Swarovskı unveıls new concept ın Melbourne

Swarovski is set to open a new concept store in Melbourne, following a global rollout of 27 similar sites in 2021. The Collins Street store opened as part of the global brand refresh.  Located in Melbourne’s luxury shopping precinct, the new 125sqm store store will feature chrome and silk textures to pair with its crystal product range.

Different areas of the store will be colour-blocked, matched with Swarovski’s new blue colour scheme. This will also include a mix of octagons along the walls to display the store’s range. Another change includes Swarovsk’s packaging for end of sale, with products being wrapped in grosgrain silks and velvets.

“Our New Retail Landscape is an incredible ode to the creativity, and the result of Swarovski’s strong new vision, a realm where science and magic meet,” said Giovanna Engelbert, creative director at Swarovski.

“Playful, aware, and always boldly chic, our aim is to reflect desires and dreams in the physical space of our stores, and to underline our new age of crystal living.”

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