SÖZER JEWELRY modern desıgns, hıgh qualıty craftmanshıp and unıque jewels that adapts to every look

Sözer Jewelry was founded in 1975 by Metin Sözer and today it maintains commercial relations with about 15 different countries. The brand, which stands out with its different designs and innovation, deals with 90% export and offers its products for sale through wholesalers. The jewellery brand has started to appeal to young people with its unique designs in recent years. Sözer’s vision is to design products that will suit every age group with its original designs, and its mission is to trade with the whole world in the future.

The Monaco Chain™ loves to innovate and keeps pushing the limits on their journey to find perfection. This chain brings together eyecatching style with superior craftsmanship to create a unique piece that is the envy of many. The jewellery brand has countless patents for its unique technology to create the most durable hollow chain worldwide. So, the Monaco Chain™ holds up to 52 lbs on a tensile test which is very close to a solid chain.

The pupil of Sözer “The Monaco Chain™”, which has been revealed for the last 6-7 years, is the official brand of Sözer Jewelry since 2015. Known for its sleek style, light weight, and superior strength, the Monaco Chain™ is a true innovation, else is an updated modern version of The Miami Cuban Link Chain. Ultimately, this is the product with technology is involved to create the absolute perfect hallow, yet extremely strong and durable chain.

Sözer Jewellery
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