Selda Akgül is inspired by the natural environment of the Aegean, where she was born and raised, to create designs that resonate with intense emotion and energy guided by intuition and passion.The designer has a penchant for elegant yet sleek and sharp details that stand out immediately, and likes to take risks in every collection, emboldened by the strength she finds within herself.

She recognizes that beauty is hidden in the detail and the flawed beauty of nature introduces diversity into our lives, and trusts the most skilful jewelcrafters and their meticulous experience with her designs.


 “We women are living in times when we are reborn from our ashes. Life takes on a new shape for us. We have a truly powerful future ahead of us. It wasn’t easy; it has never been. But we have a purpose and we overcome challenges with the courage that I consider inevitable for all women.” – Selda Akgül

Selda Jewellery’s new collection ‘Dragon Lady’ is inspired by bold and fearless women who take on life as it comes and tackle challenges with the inexhaustible strength within them.

Courage, a part of the brand’s DNA, manifests itself in details once again. The design brims with the mysterious stories of women of ancient strength. Dragon, the principal form of the collection, is the symbol of immortality.

The collection features precious stones like coral, Arizona turquoise, Australian opal, and blue and red diamonds in exquisite details, with the dragon form hidden in impressive earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and moonstone and aquamarine rings.

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