Reflectıons of Nature: The New Hıgh Jewelry Collectıon from De Beers

Reflections of Nature, a high jewelery collection inspired by five destinations – the Okavango River, Motlatse Canyon, Namibian landmarks, Landers Reef and Ellesmere Island. In five sets, 39 compositions are collected, in which the beauty of nature is conveyed using the most beautiful diamonds from around the world, exquisite cut, a combination of colors and bizarre shapes and textures.

The first set of Okavango Grace is a tribute to the Okavango Delta located in northwest Botswana. Tall, thin reeds swaying in the wind inspired jewelers to create jewelry with barely cut and polished diamonds suspended from strands linked to each other. Rough diamonds in greens, pinks, brownish pinks, purples and grays capture the richness of the flora and fauna of these green thickets. One of the most interesting pieces of the set is the ring with a 1.01-carat grayish-green diamond.

The Motlatse Marvel set celebrates the beauty of the subtropical flora of South Africa’s Motlatse Canyon. Elevation changes, sun shadows in deep depressions were the main motives for this series. The hardness of the rock was conveyed using baguette-cut diamonds, and stones with such cushion cut, oval, marquise and pear, are responsible for the glare of sunlight and the onset of dusk.

The third Namib Wonder set is inspired by the oldest desert on Earth, with the world’s largest sand dunes and dry river beds along the coastal plain of western Namibia. This repeating wavy pattern on the dunes has been transferred to jewelry with round diamond mosaics, and rough diamonds add mystery and desert magic. The color scheme is yellow and white diamonds set in yellow and white gold to reflect all the shades of the dunes in the sun.

The Landers Radiance Set submerges us and introduces the colorful corals and tropical fish of Landers Reef. A total of eight styles are presented in the set, which combine a variety of cuts and colors of diamonds. The round diamonds are reminiscent of coral, while the assorted brightly colored cushion, marquise and pear cut diamonds are flocks of reef fish.

The fifth set, Ellesmere Treasure, is as fluid as the wilderness of Ellesmere Island. The symmetry of the snowflakes is combined with a whimsical ornament created from flowers and tree branches. The brand’s craftsmen had to manually select the most transparent diamonds to convey the clarity of the ice. So a necklace adorned with 932 white diamonds follows the patterns of the Arctic flora, which is constantly covered with an iridescent layer of ice.

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