PEARLCORE – new fashıon trend wıth pearls, the rısıng star of every season

Pearls remain one of the semi-precious stones that are in trend at all times. Pearls are on of the eternal classics that do not surrender to the whims of fashion and never lose their precious value. Natural stones, first made popular in high fashion by Mademoiselle Chanel, have been the centerpieces of many designers’ innovative and exciting creations for more than a decade.

Pearlcore is the new version as well as the latest trend of pearl. In a sense, this trend literally means being wrapped in pearls from head to toe. From hair accessories to trousers, from crop tops to phone cases, it is not old-fashioned to see the delicate touch of pearls in everything. Reflecting the renaissance era, the popularity of Pearlcore style is mainly favored by Instagram and Tik Tok influencers. Audacious styling ideas of social media stars continue to promote bold designs. On top of that, it is not small pearls that are most favored, but rather extravagant large-sized stones… Pearlcore style does not necessarily require the use of natural pearls; mother-of-pearl-coated artificial stones can also join you in celebrating the happiest moments of your life.

With unexpected strings of pearls in unusual sizes, types, and colors, some designers offer to use them literally from head to toe. Creating a Pearlcore look not only for special events and fashion shows but also for everyday street style hardly requires extra time. All it takes is a look at the new collections of the most famous brands such as Blumarine and Givenchy. Chanel, which iconizes the classic woman style that has not changed for years with a modern touch, chooses pearl detail in almost every collection to represent boldness. In addition to long pearl necklaces, which are considered to be the signature pieces of the brand, hair accessories, earrings, multilayered bracelets, iconic brooches, and even a classic Chanel jacket as well as hair accessories might be among the popular choices of the Pearlcore trend.

One of those who are in favor of this new trend is Versace, which continues to challenge fashion codes with its edgy and exuberant designs. In the Summer 2021 collection of the brand, inspired by the mysterious world of the sea, earrings the size of sea pebbles, beaded anklets, pearl rings, and bracelets gave the first glimpse of the new trend that will be popular the following year. The 2022 Autumn/
Winter collection of the Simone Rocha brand, which plays an essential role in British modern fashion, is one of the best representatives of Pearlcore… Artificial pearls adorning Provence style dresses, bags, socks, shoes, and hair accessories were also applied on the makeup of the models. This is what it really means to use pearls in every detail.

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