Pasquale Brunı released a new necklace wıth dıamond flowers

Pasquale Brunı released a new necklace wıth dıamond flowers

It became part of the Giardini Segreti collection.

The collection is inspired by the mysterious courtyards of Milan’s gardens, places filled with stories of secret encounters, art and nature. The creative director of the brand Eugenia Bruni, was also inspired by women and their harmonious world in which flowers bloom, full of butterflies and flowers.

The brand tried to convey such an idyllic picture with its jewelry from the Giardini Segreti collection, made of rose gold or white gold. The combination of colorless and champagne diamonds creates the most exquisite light on the curved surfaces of jewelry.

This collection has been replenished with an exquisite sautoir. The long chain is adorned with two diamond-studded flowers with a smooth gold back. The beauty of sautoir in different versions of its stylization.

It can be worn simply as a long necklace, you can wrap it twice so that one flower lies on your neck and the other remains at the bottom, or you can turn it to a short necklace. By changing the length of the sautoir, you can get three different jewelry at once for any occasion.

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