Pandora Launches Lab-grown Dıamond Collectıon ın North Amerıca

The Danish jeweler is launching its Pandora Brilliance line in the U.S. and Canada on August 25 with diamonds grown in the U.S. from 100 percent renewable energy.

“The future of luxury is here today. Lab-created diamonds are just as beautiful as mined diamonds, but available to more people and with lower carbon emissions,” said Pandora’s chief executive officer Alexander Lacik in a statement announcing the launch. Part of a new Diamonds by Pandora category, the 33-pieces collection features VS+ clarity lab-grown diamonds between 0.15 and one carat, set in sterling silver, 14-karat yellow or white gold.

The collection is also the first to be entirely made of recycled silver and gold, following the jeweler’s 2020 announcement that mined metals would be phased out by 2025 to reduce the environmental impact of its jewelry.

At the time, Pandora stated that when the collection was launched globally, “the diamonds are expected to be made using 100 percent renewable energy.” The jeweler also revealed then that it would no longer use mined diamonds in its products, a use already limited to an annual limited-edition charm, amounting to around 50,000 pieces every year.

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