New Chaumet Joséphine addıtıons pay trıbute to hıstorıc Empress

Through the collection that bears her name, Chaumet continues its tribute to the many aspects of Empress of the French and Queen of Italy, Joséphine, drawing inspiration from her allure to enhance the independent-minded women of today.

Echoing the Empress, who often played with the established codes of fashion, behaviour, and status, the Maison now plays with the expectations of jewellery in its latest creations.

Crafted for versatility, the pieces can be worn day and night, for casual styling or for glittering evening events.

The recognisable elements which make the Joséphine collection unique – the Aigrette V, the pear shape, asymmetry, and bold and elegant colours – have all been repeatedly reimagined for this latest update.

Comprising lines of diamonds in varied cuts and settings, with volumes punctuated by the juxtaposition of positive and negative space, the delicately open-worked pieces suggest a woven jewelled lace.

Its width wrapping the wrist with refinement, the rose gold bangle bracelet gives pride of place to the interplay of light, embracing the V-shape of the Aigrette.

Equally emblematic, Joséphine’s beloved pear cut is represented in trompe-l’oeil and the form of precious drops.  Playing with volumes, they are suspended from extra-large pendants and earrings by attachments also inspired by the Aigrette V.

Sapphires and pear-shaped rubies sit alongside diamonds to adorn Joséphine High Jewellery signature pieces.

hrough the V of the Aigrette, the pear shape, the use of trompe-l’oeil and asymmetry, this jewellery watch reveals its own interpretation of the signature characteristics of Joséphine Aigrette, which are further enhanced by the bracelets. 

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