New 2022 edıtıon of “Dıamonds” presents an updated and more comprehensıve guıde to the precıous stones

A new updated 2022 edition of the authoritative “Diamonds” book by Marijan Dundek has been published, providing an updated and even more comprehensive guide for the general public and the trade, with all the essential information about diamonds and the factors that determine their value and quality.

The book, which can be ordered on, provides a finely illustrated overview of natural diamonds, including an expanded chapter on natural fancy color diamonds, explaining their extraordinary colour variety with descriptions and illustrations of every color group.

“I have taken great care over the research of the text and the sourcing of the highest quality images in order to deliver the most informative and entertaining guide possible for diamond lovers and gemmologists,” said Mr Dundek, who came into contact with some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world when he worked for Graff Diamonds in London for 16 years.

“Whether coming to ‘Diamonds’ for the first time or already knowledgeable in the field, every reader will find something of interest and value in its pages.”

The book talks about the creation and development of diamonds in the earth’s crust and relates a history from the earliest diamond discoveries, the origins of commercial diamond mining in South Africa, recent changes in the diamonds industry, including global shifts in centers of production and distribution, the international implementation of ethical standards in the trade, and the emerging roles of China, India, Russia and Dubai as major players in the diamonds market.

It also illustrates some of the world’s most remarkable diamonds, such as the 31.06-carat fancy deep blue Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond, the 70.21-carat Idol’s Eye colorless diamond, and the 5.11-carat Moussaieff Red.

The final chapter tells the story from the mine to the design, cutting and polishing of Graff’s exquisite Lesotho Promise, one of the most fabulous diamond jewellery suites in the world, illustrated by an extraordinary array of pictures.

The book, which has been widely used as an educational tool in jewellery and gemstone courses, explains the “four Cs” that measure the quality of a diamond, and gives fresh insights into the history, influence and role of the GIA in the diamond world.

In the new edition, “Diamonds” presents the new look of the GIA diamond grading certificate, which communicates the origin, journey and specifications of the diamond, and will be made available by the seller to the buyer.

Mr Dundek is a leading authority on diamonds. In his professional career he has worked with and advised on some of the world’s finest and most valuable diamonds, and has bid on behalf of clients for some extraordinary diamonds in the high-value “Magnificent Jewels” auctions staged by Christie’s and Sotheby’s in Geneva twice a year.

His passion for his field and for furthering knowledge about diamonds and the diamond industry, led him to write “Diamonds”, which has been highly commended by leading experts and organizations in the global trade.