The prestigious Russian jewellery watch brand Nika has launched production at its new factory in Istanbul. The brand will be featured at the Istanbul Jewelry Show from 16 to 19 March with its wide range of products. Natella Saat, a manufacturer of gold and silver jewellery watches, offers products in various price ranges, from casual to premium models. The factory holds the only official production facility of the Nika, Nika Exclusive, Lorie, and Hamduh brands in Türkiye.
Nika; A brand known for its widerange of jewellery watches and accessories designed for consumers at affordable prices. The brand’s product range comprises more than 1,500 men’s and women’s watch models in gold and silver finishes, made with Swiss and Japanese mechanisms.

Nika Exclusive; A brand well known for handmade jewellery watches and ballpoint pens. The main style of this brand is distinguished by the artistry and the painting of the dials with hot and cold enamel. Precious designs are produced in selected numbers and small series within the premium segment.

Lorie; A luxury jewellery and watch brand with a rich history spanning two centuries. The touch of 19th century artefacts is brought to life with the craftsmanship of modern watchmakers in luxury products that combine different eras.

Hamduh; A brand created to promote Islamic artistry in jewellery watches and jewellery. The jewellery watch collections Al-Ikhlas and Al-Iman pass the inspection of Halal, the International Centre for Stand ardisation and Certification. The dials of the watches are ornamented with classical and Kufic calligraphy containing texts from the Holy Quran. These inscriptions are enamelled, which accentuates the depth of the calligraphic symbols.

At the Natella Saat exhibition stand at the Istanbul Jewelry Show, visitors can examine the new watch models and celebrate the new beginning of the brand.

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