Movado Launches Fırst Calvın Kleın Collectıon Under New Lıcensing Deal

Movado Group just launched its spring/summer Calvin Klein collection, the brand’s first license under the watch company since ending its decades-long partnership with Swatch Group.

The new watch and jewelry collection features a minimalist design, channeling Calvin Klein’s aesthetic and its “sensual and edgy DNA,” Movado said. 

“Movado’s excellent craftsmanship, fine attention to detail, and ability to imbue each piece with the timeless elegance that has defined our brand for over 50 years made them the ideal partner to bring this collection to life,” said Karina Spar, executive vice president, licensing, PVH Americas and Calvin Klein Global. 

The collection is available at Calvin Klein stores and on its website as well as other retail locations, both physical and online.