Monıque Lhuıllıer Desıgns LGD Engagement Rıng Collectıon for KAY Jewelers

Monique Lhuillier, the renowned American bridal and fashion designer, has introduced lab-created diamond engagement rings and bands to her Monique Lhuillier BLISS fine jewellery collection, exclusively available at KAY Jewelers.

The new Monique Lhuillier BLISS Lab-Created Diamonds collection features independently certified, colourless lab-created diamonds set in 18-karat gold. The collection consists of twelve engagement ring styles, six universal matching bands, and three women’s lab-created diamond bands. The engagement rings feature round, princess-cut, oval, emerald and pear-shaped lab-created centre diamonds set in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold all in 18 karats. All KAY diamonds, whether natural or lab-created are conflict-free as verified by the KAY Promise. KAY’s rigorous procedures ensure that products are responsibly sourced from the vendor to the store.

“Monique Lhuillier knows the modern consumer and that is embodied in every design she creates for the Monique Lhuillier BLISS bridal jewellery collection. She strives to create elegance in everything she does, which is why her designs are seen around the world from red carpet premiers to VIP brides. With the new Monique Lhuillier BLISS Lab-Created Diamonds collection, she continues to expand her reach by offering consumers elevated designs and larger looks to choose from. Expanding the Monique Lhuillier BLISS collection is part of KAY’s overall strategy to inspire love and be a true partner to our consumers. We want to provide them with quality jewellery that aligns with their ethos and shopping habits, and the Monique Lhuillier BLISS Lab-Created Diamonds collection allows us to do that in a revolutionary way,” states Bill Brace, President of KAY Jewelers.

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