Messıka Presented Its New High Jewelry Collectıon: Mıdnıght Sun

The 1970s. From New York City to Paris, the nightlife world breaks the codes, reinvents the world of fashion, revolutionises genres, turns the scene upside down… Studio 54, the Mudd Club, the Palace, Chez Régine… Cities are animated by a joyful atmosphere, an ode to selfexpression. For her 10th High Jewelry collection, Valérie Messika draws her inspiration from the unwavering energy of the craziest nights of the seventies. With Midnight Sun, anything goes. You can be whoever you want, let yourself go, don’t be scared to be yourself.

To embody this euphoric collection, she chose the French singer and model Carla Bruni to be the face of the new Messika High Jewelry collection. With grace and magnetism, the fashion icon revives the resolutely subversive spirit of the 1970s. Her ardent femininity and her captivating presence convey the energy of this collection which makes the diamond dance until the end of the night.

A manifesto of creativity and affirmation, Midnight Sun reveals multifaceted sets that are as much a play of lights and contrasts as an expression of the Maison’s diamond savoirfaire. The yellow diamond stands out as the queen of the night. Amplified, it illuminates the night with a mystical, figurative aura. For the first time at Messika, it eclipses the white diamond taking Carla Bruni on a journey through time, between night and day.

This year, Valérie Messika has created a chorus of exceptional sets, each more vibrant than the next. In each of the creations, she encapsulates the soul of the emblematic figures of the time, from Diana Ross to Andy Warhol, from Grace Jones to Freddie Mercury.

Delightful to wear, colorful sets, assertive curves: Midnight Sun symbolises the beginning of a new era like the sunrise in the dark. Messika High Jewelry celebrates disco at its free and exhilarating best.

“With Midnight Sun, Messika showcases the fascinating history of these unparalleled celebrations. The night spots of the time were culminating point of all the antagonisms and extravagances.
Spaces far from conventions, whose hypnotic spirit continues to be a source of inspiration and desire. Who better than the magnetic Carla Bruni to embody this electric and daring theme?”
 – Valérie MessikaFounder and Artistic Director of Maison Messika.

No period has been, nor will be so uninhibited. The 1970s continue to be the object of all fascinations. Fiery dance floors, eclectic styles, flowering of multiple icons of fashion, singing, stage… Among them, Liza Minnelli and Diana Ross. Two opposing styles: one is a star of soul, a warm and glamorous diva. The other is a renowned eclectic and theatrical performer. For the Ultimate Party set, Valérie Messika drew inspiration from these two women who marked the history of the seventies and imagined through contrasting duos of exceptional colored diamonds. On the masterpiece necklace, a 20.04-carat pear-cut yellow diamond and a 9.07-carat cushion-cut diamond recall the crystalline and masterful voices of the two icons of the 1970s. The Founder continues to deepen the symbolism of the Golden Shield, a protective armor that she had imagined in a yellow gold version during the previous High Jewelry collection.

This time, the set plays with contradictions by combining the sparkle of white gold with that of colored diamonds. Multifaceted, this powerful necklace is a masterpiece of craftsmanship: the perfectly curved gold plastron has a mirrored effect and enhances the refraction of the light of the diamonds. The cut sides at the ends of the jewel are adorned with a pavé of delicately set diamonds, which accentuates the spectacular brilliance of the centre stones. Accompanied by the bracelet and the matching ring, this necklace carries with it all the vitality of this vivacious collection. Show stopper? A second choker, enhanced with a spectacular 18.05-carat yellow solitaire.

If there is one thing that Messika knows how to do, it is to celebrate the brilliance of diamonds. For the first time, the Maison uses the traditional snow setting to illuminate 15 cushion-cut yellow diamonds ranging from 2 to 15 carats. On this covering of precious diamonds like a dance floor, the yellow diamond is the star. Glitter Fever is, like every creation by Valérie Messika, a game of sparkling contrasts. The geometric contours of the jewels in this set are in complete contrast with the less structured set of diamonds and the cushion cut. This subtle blend of shapes and light creates harmony and shows the Maison’s incomparable technicality.

Each square of the necklace, earrings, ring and lip jewel has been proportioned to best match the size of each yellow diamond. High precision craftsmanship, especially since Glitter Fever jewelry also had to meet one of the Maison’s other requirements: to be worn as close as possible to the skin.

A daring personality was needed to hope to stand out in a place like New York City in the seventies. With the Fiery set, Valérie Messika imagines the necklace for those who are not afraid to affirm who they are. The pointed contours of the jewel provide additional confidence. In a play of pearcut diamonds between roundness and spiciness, the creations seem to be composed of flames of gold and diamonds.

Burning, passionate, bold… Fiery is a symbol of energy and strength, a set with character for night owls who live their lives with passion. A new feat of jewelry savoir-faire as the pearshaped diamonds are surrounded by a halo and a flat surface of mirror-polished white gold. Each set, each flame, seems to fit harmoniously on the neck. In search of the perfect balance, Valérie Messika offers daring Fiery variations, including a composition of rings with the most original design.

Messika Dancing Moon celebrates one of Valérie Messika’s signatures, the halo. Majestic diamond settings surround the neck like a delicate and radiant second skin. On each row, a constellation of ovalcut diamonds, including a 2.21-carat centre stone, enhanced by a meticulously set double surrounding. For this celestial creation, the Artistic Director finds her influences in this symbol of the night, the Moon. The inevitable witness of these disco parties where people danced until dawn.

This High Jewelry creation is accompanied by a lip jewel, a single earring and a ring with equally disruptive shapes. The crescent moon in the centre of the necklace is repeated in three other resplendent High Jewelry creations. Messika Dancing Moon makes the white gold disappear and gives the illusion that the precious white diamonds have been laid directly on the skin.

The heart is not just a symbol of love. Valérie Messika is convinced of this and proves it here with the creation of High Jewelry, Joy Coeur. The heart-shaped diamonds are anything but classic, and are the embodiment of the love we have for life, for joy, for celebrations in all their splendor. A proof of self-love. A breath of freedom that recalls the spirit of the seventies. The challenge for this set was to revisit the heart while giving it perfectly balanced proportions. Each heart present on the necklace must follow the same curves, and their halos of light must be similarly adjusted.

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