Maya Magal crafts her sensual forms wıth an all-female team ın London’s Kıng’s Cross

Heavy-duty forms are imbued with a light buoyancy in the hands of Maya Magal, who rethinks classic chain forms in new collection, Lucid.

Magal draws on her traditional jewellery background – her eponymous brand was born in London’s Hatton Garden – for pieces which are made in King’s Cross with an all-female team.

‘Although we train and nurture young female talent in our jewellery workshops, local production also means we can make the jewellery in limited runs,’ Magal adds. ‘We don’t need to place bulk orders because we can remake popular styles in-house and respond quickly to customer demands. Producing locally in London is also the only way our workshops can be zero-waste. We work with recycled silver and gold, removing any off-cuts to be reused and closing the production loop.’

The jewellery in this new collection reinterprets classic silhouettes. Rings and bangles are smooth whorls of solid silver and gold, chains rest flat across the body and hoop earrings are hollow to ensure ultimate comfort and wearability.