Spring/Summer 2023 jewelry trends invite us to be glittery, daring, and extraordinary. Big cuff bracelets that recall the spirit of the 90s, long earrings, huge necklaces with logos, and stacked chain necklaces… All of these are must-haves in your jewelry box at the beginning of the new season. Because just a few cocktail rings, necklaces, and bracelets in a combination of white and yellow gold, brightly colored stones, or big earrings can instantly create the mood you desire in your look. Last year, when the designers identified the jewelry trends that will be on the rise in the hot season of 2023, they all agreed on “Maximalism”. The most popular and most buzzed-about jewelry trend of 2023. Here are the glittery and gigantic designs…

Promoting the idea of “the bigger and brighter the better”, the designers’ latest collections were complemented by huge jewels in a wide variety of shapes and intense colors. Think again about the maximal jewelry you’ve seen at fashion weeks and jewelry shows and thought “I would never wear it” because they are the ambitious heroes of the new spring/summer season. Complete your collection with large rings
with natural stones: rings studded with semi-precious and too-flashy stones such as azurite, onyx, agate, amethyst, and tsavorite. The ring with this kind of unpolished stone embraces a unique look with it unusual form. The same style of unpolished stones dominates the oversized earrings, pendants and bracelets, symbolizing unmatched strength. The design of this season’s trendy rings is complemented by large brand logos and letters that look very cool. The trend of maximalism in jewelry in the spring/ summer season of the year is also embodied in the trendiest earrings of the moment. Extra-long models that extend to the collarbone, irregular forms and molded earrings that give a shadow effect are just a few of them. With this kind of jewelry, you will feel like a star invited to the Met Gala.

The maximalism trend in jewelry, bijouterie, and accessories continues to manifest itself in new looks created by the use of multiple chains on the neck at the same time. Chains of different lengths and thicknesses have worn on top of each other look very impressive and stylish. Feel comfortable using a combination of yellow gold, metallic, and rose gold tones. This matching, formerly perceived as old-fashioned, is now one of the favorite pieces with every detail. If you combine this look with a small pearl necklace or a huge pendant, you will complete your elegance. For an assertive look, the perfect combination of jewelry that evokes style and fashion in every detail requires extraordinary talent. Unique elegance, charm and self-confidence are must-haves in looks with maximal jewelry. Creative new ways of expressing emotions and thoughts emerge with these details, and the boundaries of impeccable craftsmanship are crossed.