Maıson Mazerea Unveıls The “Grace Diamond” In Honor Of Prıncess Grace Kelly

Maison Mazerea, a new luxury diamond brand, has dedicated a unique one-of-a-kind fancy colored diamond in honor of Princess Grace of Monaco. Called the “Grace Diamond,” the Fancy Vivid Purplish-Pink gem is part of an exclusive collaboration with the Princess Grace Foundation.

The Grace Diamond is one of that last five diamonds from the exhausted Argyle Mine in the remote northwest part of Australia. During its 15-year operation, which ended in 2020, the Argyle Mine produced more than 90% of the world’s pink and red diamonds, among the most valuable and rarest gems in the world. The square-radiant-shaped, 1.79-carat, fancy-vivid-purplish-pink diamond was originally called the Stella Diamond. It was purchased in 2021 by Burgundy Diamond Mines, a Perth-based diamond mining company that owns the Maison Mazerea brand.

The purchase of this rare pink diamond from the Argyle Mine and the partnership with the Princess Grace Foundation are part of a broader strategy to use Maison Mazerea as the sole source of Fancy yellow diamonds from the Ellendale Diamond Mine in Western Australia, owned by Burgundy Diamonds.