magıc stars – the cosmos-ınspıred jewellery collectıon by thomas sabo

Decorated with celestial motifs, this sophisticated creation is the brightest element in the starry night sky and fascinates with its glamorous magnetism. The richly detailed jewellery is reminiscent of a sparkling galaxy and exudes a magical effect – so you can add stylish highlights to any of your outfits.

Sparkling stones and nifty designs reflect the distinctive beauty of different celestial elements and symbolise the positive transformation of life. The Magic Stars Collection is under the star of perfection: The high quality, white stones are accurately hand-set into the jewellery and have an elegant radiance.

For some, stars stand for infinity and magic, for others for security and cohesion, for still others for confidence and happiness: discover our highlights, such as this sparkling jewellery set – like a brightly shining star.

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