Louıs Vuıtton welcomes the Street Dıver to ıts ıconıc Tambour range

Without compromising the underwater credentials of a traditional dive watch, the Tambour Street Diver retains the colorful and unconventional style elements that are central to Louis Vuitton.

Thoughtfully integrated into the design of the watch, two V’s come together to form an X at the beginning of the dive, easily allowing time spent under water to be read on the internal bezel.

Around the outer ring of the case—one solid piece of metal that’s larger at the base than the top, inspired by the shape of a drum—the letters “L-O-U-I-S-V-U-I-T-T-O-N” align with each of the hour markers. At the 1:30 position, a dive crown rotates the internal bezel, which, funny enough, is the kind of ultra-secure dive timer preferred by some serious divers (the idea being that one could accidentally rotate an external bezel). On the Street Diver, the paradoxical effect is to make it look less like a tool watch and more like a modernist piece of industrial design.

The worlds of watch design and fashion design align less closely than one might expect. And while there’s certainly something to be said for specializing and staying in your own lane, after nearly two decades, Vuitton’s Tambour line shows that there is indeed another way. And as the Street Diver ably demonstrates, Swiss know-how and high-fashion aesthetics make for a pretty potent combination.

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