Lıens Évıdence celebrates unıque rıtes of passage for always

Express your feelings this Valentine’s Day and collect life precious moments together. Choose your Liens Évidence timeless pieces and match it with the one you love.

With Liens Évidence, Chaumet expresses its contemporary vision of sentimental jewellery. This iconic collection is growing, with the arrival of new designs in gold and with diamonds. So many ways to mark the unique stages of life that link two people together forever – whether as a couple, friends or parents.

At the heart of Place Vendôme, dreamlike and suffused with poetry, a man and woman seek and find each other in a romantic game of unmistakable affinity. Pas de deux and aerial lifts tell this story of never-ending links, like an allegory of the bond between two people. The new Liens Évidence collection thus writes a new chapter in the tradition of Chaumet, Jeweller of Emotions since 1780.

Liens Évidence tells the story of these magical moments that bring two people together forever. It symbolizes their wish to join their destinies together. Whether a wedding, anniversary, or symbolic event… From one occasion to another, from year to year, and at any age.