Le Vıan ıntroduces Hands Of Love campaıgn

This Mother’s Day, Le Vian is thrilled to announce its Hands of Love campaign – a tribute to the infinite bond of motherly love and an artful gesture of thanks to the mothers that raised us. 
Expressing a universal love that endures and knows no bounds, the hands of a mother’s tender embrace and comforting caress hold, carry and lift us. They are for life. 
Le Vian is celebrating this unconditional devotion with a set of glittering images brimming with love and color, each one exquisitely styled with uniquely created nail art designed for diverse hand models, reflecting the attention and devotion that Le Vian gives to each gemstone, piece of jewelry and collection. 
The masterfully shot images will appear across print and in-store advertising across the United States to coincide with Mother’s Day.
Le Vian collaborated with nail artists who brought a keen eye for creative detail to the task of highlighting the originality, artistry and craftsmanship of Le Vian’s designs. The early spring photoshoot in downtown Manhattan saw diverse hand models receive bespoke artistic manicures to match with the themes of the jewels they wore. The models, who spanned from their 20s to their 80s and hail from a broad range of ethnicities, posed for the cameras with different hand gestures to showcase their adornments. 
In one shot, a fist-full of ornate color gemstone knuckledusters piled together suggests a woman confident in her feminine powers, while in another shot a daring red metallic polish is teamed with heart throbbing Passion Ruby rings. The glory of lush Costa Smerelda green emeralds are set off with green and white tipped nail art positioned at angles at the end of the nail drawing attention to the cool white finish of Vanilla Gold. Meanwhile, sleek and reflective, pristine silver nail varnish is coupled with color gemstone rings, mirroring the enticing platinum in which the gems are set. Platinum is the most resilient and strongest precious metal, universally acknowledged to hold gemstones most securely. Sunny Yellow Diamond rings, heralding all the positivity and optimism of spring, are juxtaposed with gorgeous spring floral embellishments on alternate nails and yellow French manicure-inspired tips on all. Elsewhere, two shades of blue polish complement Cornflower blue sapphires in a luxurious flourish of peace and tranquility.

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