Jısoo, Paul Mescal Among the Stars of Cartıer Trınıty Campaıgn

K-pop supergroup Blackpink member Jisoo, known for her style, beauty and star talent, has been chosen as the star of Cartier’s Trinity Centenary Campaign. This campaign celebrates the 100th anniversary of Cartier’s iconic Trinity collection, and Jisoo’s involvement adds a fresh and youthful energy to the brand. The Trinity collection has been an integral part of Cartier’s legacy since its inception in 1924. Comprising three intertwined bands of pink gold, yellow gold, and white gold, the Trinity ring symbolizes love, fidelity, and friendship. Over the years, this iconic design has become a timeless symbol of elegance and style, adorning the fingers, wrists, and necks of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

The collaboration between Jisoo and Cartier for the Trinity Centenary Campaign is a perfect match. Jisoo’s youthful energy and undeniable charm align seamlessly with the brand’s vision to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Trinity collection. As a fashion icon and trendsetter, Jisoo’s involvement brings a fresh perspective and a new generation of fans to the Cartier brand. Jisoo is not alone in this star-studded campaign. She is joined by fellow ambassadors Paul Mescal, Yara Shahidi, Jackson Wang, and Labrinth. Together, they form an ensemble cast that celebrates diversity and the connections of all kinds. This diverse group of talented individuals represents different cultures, backgrounds, and industries, coming together to showcase the universal appeal of the Trinity collection.