BOVET ıntroduce the Recıtal 26 Chapter Two Dragon model for chınese new year

Crafting the Bovet Recital 26 Chapter Two Golden Dragon was no easy feat. Integrating the solid 18K gold dragon into the Recital 26 Chapter Two was a challenge as the placement of the dragon was limited to the available space between the complications — the Hour and Minute domed Dial, the World Time Hemispheric Dial with indexable city indicator, the Mother-of-Pearl Moon Phase, and, of course, the patented Bovet flying tourbillon.
First, the space the dragon could occupy was delineated, then a sculptor was commissioned to create the head and body of the solid gold dragon. Once the sculpture is cast, it then goes to the Bovet in-house hand-engravers to add the details – eyes, scales, claws, whiskers, and more – which takes between 40 and 50 hours. Then, the fiery-red ruby is set into the eye, and the complete sculpture is assembled within and around the movement. 

The caliber developed for the Brainstorm Chapter Two is manufactured in the Bovet workshops. Perfect for a multi-time zone timepiece, Bovet’s control of the energy guarantees five days of power reserve with only a single barrel, with a frequency of 21,600 v/h for spectacular chronometry.
A domed blue quartz dial displays the hours and minutes of local time in the upper part of the case. The dome located at 3 o’clock displays a second time zone specifically developed for this timepiece and patented by the House. The names of the cities representing the 24 time zones are printed on the dome which makes a complete revolution in 24 hours. A three-dimensional V-shaped hand allows the collector to select the displayed time zone. In addition to a second time zone, this new indication also offers the world time function, which allows the time in each of the 24 time zones to be read simultaneously.