Jewels ın Movıes: Wıth what jewels you can be a prıncess?

The plot of two parts “How to become a Princess” is a slightly modified story of Cinderella. Young Anne Hathaway plays Mia Thermopolis, a girl who unexpectedly finds out about her royal origins. Her grandmother, Clarissa Renaldi is the Queen of the fictional state of Genovia.

In The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, Anne Hathaway constantly appears in chic tiaras, necklaces and earrings.

We all know that not all that glitters is gold, the magic of cinema and the skillful hands of the props can turn ordinary rhinestones in the frame into luxurious jewelry. But not in this case! “All the decorations were real! It’s Chopard! And I, of course, didn’t manage to take a single item … During the shooting of the coronation scene, I was wearing a necklace covered with stones, which was then worn by Sharon Osborne at the Academy Awards. I went up to her and said that she was wearing my necklace, and she answered me: “No, honey, it’s Chopard.” Then they made a tiara out of it, which costs for $ 3 million,”- Anne Hathaway told People magazine.

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