Jewelry wıth amethyst wıll become your faıthful talısman

Amethysts can be seen in the jewelry of princes, they were even worn by clergy – it is believed that the stone cleanses the thoughts of its owner, makes him more prudent and protects against adventures. Today it is common to laugh at this, but even the name “amethyst” in ancient Greek means “not drunk”, so you can give a piece of jewelry with an attractive purple stone to your party-goers. It also protects from the negative energy of others, and also improves one’s own mental health and helps to develop stress resistance, which is so important today.

Amethysts are given to friends for no reason and as a sign of reconciliation, loved ones as a recognition of their feelings and are worn by themselves in order to feel better, become more resilient and energetic. The stone comes in pinkish, mint and even black shades, but we suggest paying attention to purple amethysts – especially since their color is very similar to Pantone’s 2022 color of the year.