Jewelry trends that are relevant thıs sprıng

Jewelry plays an important role in creating an image. They can set the right accents and add a finishing touch to an outfit, making it fuller and more stylish. Jewelry trends change with each season and aren’t easy to keep up with.

Bag jewelry

Jacquemus reimagined its Le Chiquito bags and released them as gold fishnet earrings and necklaces at the 2021 runway. He wasn’t the only one who turned bags into jewelry. Chanel also introduced pendants in the shape of their famous quilted bag, while Louis Vuitton turned its monogrammed chests and leather bags into eye-catching cuffs and necklaces.

Long earrings

From London to Paris, designer labels introduced a variety of earrings that hung right down to the shoulders. Saint Laurent, showcased fashionable resin and metal earrings with flower-shaped posts. Simone Rocha presented ornate chandeliers made of white beads that resemble pearls. And Paco Rabanne reimagined their signature chainmail dresses into off-the-shoulder earrings.


Bracelets, which have been undeservedly forgotten by designers in recent years, are back in fashion again. So the most different: from wide, covering the entire wrist, to graceful and thin.

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