Jenny Packham Brıngs Bee-Inspıred Lab-Grown Collectıon to Helzberg

Her new collection will also feature lab-grown diamonds, both white and yellow, which have been GCAL certified. Packham, a noted favorite of the British Royal Family, launched her eponymous fashion brand in 1998.

The new collection was inspired by honey and honeybees, incorporating their warm, golden hues into Packham’s designs, while still channeling the 1930s glamour of her previous collection. Each engagement ring features Packham’s signature star motif inside the shank.  The new collection, which includes five rings, is priced from $900 to $7,000, and is exclusive to Helzberg. The jewelry store chain said it has seen an increase in customers asking for lab-grown diamonds, particularly those on a budget who want “more sparkle for the spend.”