Imagınatıon watch exhıbıtıon ın Neuchâtel, postponed to 2022

Grief-stricken, the event scheduled to take place on Lake Neuchâtel from September 1 to 6, 2021 has been postponed to 2022. With a heart full of gratitude to all the actors involved, the organizers communicate.
The organizers of Imagination, Carlo E. Naldi and André Colard, would like to express their gratitude and sincerity to all those who, through their enthusiasm, their involvement and sometimes their spontaneous commitment, have endorsed the vision of this event, which is to be held on the exceptional site of the shores of the Neuchâtel lake and which has been placed under the sign of total independence, away from any possible conflict of interests. Starting with the dozens of exhibiting brands, a bunch of proactive and involved partners, particularly welcoming authorities, as well as the players of a media coverage rich in precious effects.

The Imagination event, announced as festive, convivial and sparkling with a return to life and its most joyful expressions, has just been hit by a family bereavement. With reluctance, prioritizing the respect of commitments made to several dozen exhibitors, not to mention those who, at the time of writing, are still in the process of reflection, the organizing company has decided to concentrate all its efforts on
2022. Our conviction remains. Faith in the distinctive values that make this Imagination exhibition so particular: first of all, the legitimacy of Neuchâtel, a historical homeland of Swiss watchmaking which, apart from the fantastic surroundings of its lakeside city, is at the world’s heart of the watchmaking sector. Secondly, the unwavering vocation of being an event that is particularly conducive to independent brands,
which are sometimes deprived of a deserved exposure. An event also open to the public, to institutions in charge of passing on watchmaking knowledge and cultural outreach.
The Imagination organizers will soon communicate the details and the planned evolutions so that the 2022 edition will be a success above all for the sector.